What is CPCS?

CPCS is the widest accepted and recognised skills card in the Construction Industry as a proof of plant and plant related competences and it’s owned by the Construction Industry Training Board.

In order to achieve any of the two cards CPCS Trained Operator (Red) or CPCS Competent Operator (Blue) you will have to be trained and pass the CPCS Theory Test and a Practical Test at one of the authorised CPCS Test Centres.

We can’t help you with your CPCS Practical Test, for that you will have to get training and develop the practical skills for the category of plant you want to operate, but luckily we can help you with your CPCS Theory Test.

How to pass the CPCS Theory Test?

Passing the CPCS Theory Test involves answering a number of questions, depending on the CPCS category you are trying to obtain in an audio recorded environment on an one to one discussion with your Tester.

Each question has a number of points and in order to pass you will have to answers correctly and gather at least 80% of the total points.

Each CPCS Category has a different number of questions but the good part is that those exact questions will be at your test just in a different order.

So the best thing would be to know the answers before your test and learn them to be sure you PASS first time with ease.

How can we help?

On our online shop you can purchase CPCS Theory Test Answers for a wide range of CPCS categories and download them in PDF file format instantly after payment!

We provide the correct and up-to-date answers for your CPCS Theory Test and these are exactly the answers your Tester will want to hear from you GUARANTEEING that you will PASS first time with ease if you study them!

All you have to do is visit our shop and buy the CPCS Theory Test Answers for the category you need.

Extra information

In order to make things clear you should know that this website is not in any way connected or related to CITB which is the owner of the CPCS Scheme.

Although passing the test is enough to get your CPCS card we encourage you to read further than the questions and answers we provide in order to gather as much knowledge as you can about how to do your job safely and efficiently on a construction site.

We don’t know for how long this website will be online because CITB is trying to take it down under the reason that this is considered cheating by them.

We don’t share the same opinion since you are still required to learn the answers in order to pass the test which leads to the whole purpose of this construction scheme: to provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge in order to do your job in a safe and efficient manner on site.

Stay safe,
CPCS Theory Test Answers Team